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Kinetic Sole is a media platform that brings engaging stories, political commentary, travel and shopping guides and opinion pieces to people around the world. We pride ourselves on highlighting the importance of having the power to dream, do and move.


Our mission is to share stories through live interviews (via Kinetic Sole T.V.), written profiles (via Kinetic Sole Magazine) and explore the hidden secrets of our favorite cities through our travel blog. It is our desire to provide a platform to those artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, business-owners and community players that encompass the power to dream, do and move

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Are you an entrepreneur, creative, artist business-owner or community player? Do you have the motivation, passion, drive and a voice to change the world? If so, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at kineticsolemedia@gmail.com and introduce yourself, so we can introduce you to the world.


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